Gonzalo Portas

CDO (Chief Data Officer)

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 15:00 - 18:00
DescriptionKeteaTech Maritime Fleet Intelligence collects sensor data generated by ships at the sea and transmits them to a secure data storage several times a day. A web service enables remote view of the current status of each ship. The whole set of sensor data is analyzed with Big Data technologies to reduce fleet operating costs by predictive maintenance, superior weather forecast and advanced utilization estimation and is presented in easily accessible reports once a day.  
Organization Type Company
Phone+34 622501395
CityPalma, Ctra. Valldemossa km 7.5, Ed. Disset 1ª Pta. 07121 Google map
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Maritime Fleet Intelligence

Sensors installations + Platform + Data Analysis and Visualization data in Platform for Maritime Fleet Intelligence (MFI)
KeteaTech devices are optimized to provide near real-time, remote vessel and fleet tracking and collecting data for monitoring them

Keywords: Maritime Fleet Intelligence
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  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
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  1. Outsourcing co-operation
  2. Technical co-operation
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